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Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork!

August 19, 2020 marks the end of an era. That's the final day that my team and I, Lucky 13, sat in front of a panelist of judges and presented our pitch for Jiffy Lube as finalists for MAIP's Virtual Engagement Program. With the sweat and sleepless nights over, this experience had me thinking about how teamwork really makes ideas come to life and the power that even being around other people has an effect on you!

Shoutout To My Team!

As the Wonder Pets once said, "What's gonna work? Teamwork." Since this is my blog, I'm going to spend this first paragraph giving a huge shoutout and praising the wonderful and talented people that made up Lucky 13 because I can write whatever I want (Don't @ me). From the first day of working together to the last, we worked tirelessly day in and day out, restlessly working together in order to achieve our one and primary goal... Figuring out time zones. I'm kidding... but not really (they were a hassle to figure out 😅 ). Everyone here is absolutely talented and honestly, the real reward is the friends we made along the way. Here's everyone who was on the team and their roles (any recruiter reading this, make sure to give them a job!)

The Power of Teamwork

Teamwork is a growing soft skill that is being looked at by jobs all over the world. With the rise of the knowledge economy, the ability to share knowledge within a team is crucial to bringing a world-changing idea to life. Social psychologist Floyd Allport's research showcased that the mere presence of other people participating in the same task can help boost motivation and thus results (Source). Another study even showed that "team players can tolerate twice as much pain as those who work alone" (Source). My time in the club rowing team at the University of Texas at Austin has given me a first-hand experience as to how true the previous statement is. All in all, teamwork has an incredible ability to help create work that could help change the world.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself" - Henry Ford

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