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Hi! My name is Andres Villa and I'm a latino Art Director looking to take up space with as many laughs and creativity as the well of my mind pours out.

I'm driven by curiosity and a knack to challenge my comfort zone, which has led me to run a 187-mile relay with friends, live in Barcelona for two months by myself, jump off a 40-foot cliff, have my face on a Times Square Billboard, dance with machetes in front of a public audience, and get tased for art. (Ouch...)


I started my ad journey in the Texas Creative Program, the #1 ranked undergraduate advertising program in the nation, and then went on to be a MAIP 2020 & 2021 fellow, as well as named one of AAF's 2021 Most Promising Multicultural Students. (More on that here!)

I pursue life with the mindset of living it at its most pure and beautiful, and learning from it to shape his art and design.

I'm also a hug fan of videogames and tabletop games!


I'm super friendly and happy to take advice, give advice, 

or to just have a water cooler chat about anything! :)

Let's Connect!

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